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Municipal Regulations

By law 145

No person can exceed the speed limit of 70 km an hour with any vehicle on Route Sullivan, Range 2 and Range 3. Any person exceeding the above speed limit commits an infraction as per article 516 of the code for road security.


By law 143

In the event a legal holiday falls on the first Monday of the month, the regular meeting will be held on the following Monday. This by law remains in force until repealed or modified.


By law 139

It is forbidden to shoot with bow and arrow, cross bows or fire arms on public roads in charge of the Municipality of Shigawake, as well as 10 meters on either side of the shoulder of the road.

It is forbidden to shoot on the road or across the road.

The council authorizes all agents of the peace as well as the police from the office of New Richmond and auxiliary offices of Matapedia and New Carlisle to deliver necessary fines, these persons are in charge of the application of the present by law.

Anyone not conforming with the present by law commits an infraction and is liable to receive a fine of $100.00 minimum and $300.00 maximum and costs.


By law 135

All home owners in the Municipality of Shigawake must have in their homes ABC fire extinguishers of the equivalent of 10 pounds and the necessary smoke detectors. Fines of $50.00 for first offence for not complying with by law 135, $100.00 for second offence and $300.00 for third offence.