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The municipality of Shigawake is situated in the administrative region of the Gaspésie-îles-de-la-Madeline. It is located in the MRC of Bonaventure and covers an area of 75 square kilometres of land according to the 2006 census.

It’s territory is bordered on the south by the Baie des Chaleurs, to the east by Port-Daniel-Gascons and to the west by St. Godefroi. To the north by the interior of the Gaspésie.

The citizens of the town are called Shigawakers.

We acces this municipality via the Route 132 which runs from west to and goes around the pennisula. The municipality a is unique sight in the region with it’s red banks that run along the shoreline


Shigawake is a Gaspesien municipality located between St. Godefroi and Port-Daniel-Gascons, the territory of the municipality is rectangular in shape and overlooks the Baie-des-Chaleurs.. Shigawake river and Ferdinand brook run through the Municipality along with Shigawake Falls. It is estimated, perhaps wrongly, according to tradition, the first settlers, with the names of Smith, Sullivan and Almond were probably sailors on a ship carrying slaves in the late eighteenth century. After landing they started to clear the land.. First attached to St. Godefroi, canonically erected in 1873 and civilly in 1874, the Municipality of Shigawake was detached in 1924 to form the current municipality.

The Micmac name, first attributed to the river that runs through the township of Hope, then the post office established in 1864, would have meaning: the land of the rising sun. It is argued that indigenous people had a habit of returning from their forest runs by the river that flows through the village. They came out facing the east where the sun rose. James White believes the word michigonac means white water. Some varients of this name are : Chigouac (Thomas Pye, 1866; James MacPherson Le Moine, 1878); «Riv. Shigawage» (anonymous map, 1895). The marjority of people work in fishing, farming & forestry.


  • 41% of the population is French and 59% of the population is English
  • The average age of the population is 48.6 years and 85.9% of the population is aged 15 years and over
  • The municipality has 171 private homes, of which 151 are occupied.
  • There are approximately 15 homes that are rented
  • The average revenue is $16 721 in comparision to the provincial average which is $24 430
  • Only 26% of the population 15 years and over work all year, full time
  • The residents works mainly is agriculture, fishing and forestry.


Development index 2006

Geopgraphic name Pop, 2006 Variation of the population from 2001 to 2006 Employement rate for 15 years and older Unemployement rate for 15 years and older % of the population
over 15 years old
without a certificate, diploma or degree
Gov’t transfers
 Incidence of low income before tax in 2005 (%) Average household income $ Development index
Shigawake 357 -4,0323 33,3333 28,5714 44,068 39,90 14,10 37 046 -10,094



  • Universel signage
  • Zoning
  • Available maps, building lots
  • Free white zones
  • Evaluate and apply for more unstructured islands along Route 132
  • Make trails accessible all year long with accommodations
  • Improved signage
  • Yurts and/or cabins along the trails
  • Assure a large animal vet is available
  • Liaison with the UPA and MAPAQ
  • Local markets
  • Use existing facilities
  • Establish a farmers market
  • Sidewalks
  • The sidewalks need maintenance
  • Recreation classes for young people, adults and seniors
  • Find available buildings
  • Create and distribute a survey to find out the needs
  • Paved skating rink
  • More family activities
  • Establish a committee to create a calendar of events
  • Summer / day camps
  • Organize regular activities for adult 18+



  • Recycling
  • Rental of the municipal hall (no charge for residents and local organizations)
  • Newsletters 3 times a year
  • Trails to the falls and by the bay
  • Agricultural society
  • Playground
  • Sports association
  • Friendly and welcoming residents
  • Soft ball
  • Log cabin and community centre
  • Wharf
  • Music festival
  • Community pride
  • Skating rink
  • Talent (artists, film producer and director, story tellers, actors, cooks, craftspeople)



Universal signage


  • Make trails accessible all year long with accommodations
  • Assure a large animal vet is available

Local markets


Recreation classes for young people, adults and seniors

More family activities



"We are here to improve, develop and restore the town which was once known for its beauty, agriculture and sense of family, to set the standard of community life in the Gaspé.

Embrace our heritage, enhance our sense of belonging and community, support our treasures to keep our town alive with community spirit by creating and providing the tools to do so."